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Protective aprons, collars and gonad protection

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Protective aprons, collars and gonad protection

Lead impregnated leather or plastic, is used for making apron, collar and shields, used by professional persons – radiologists, during X-ray examination. These devices are also used by patients, to protect the body parts that are not subject to examination, but so as not to affect the quality of diagnostic information.

Protective devices may be found in various shapes and sizes. Aprons can be ordered as a one-part or two-part, which is consis of protective skirts and vests. Protection can be unilateral or bilateral, depending on the desired application and the proposed model. Different dimensions of protective devices, are designed for adults (men/women), as well as for children. Typical thickness of protection is 0.2; 0.5; 1 mm of the lead equivalents.

Kvark Ltd. is a regional distributor of protective equipment Barray from America. More about Barray, you can find the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, and on the website

KVARK offers a multitude of options to suit different needs of style, coverage, profession and asserted budget. Also, you have the opportunity to specify a different colors and patterns of this type of protective equipment, as well as the ability to print logos or personal data.

Additional features such as elastic belts that transfer the load from the shoulders to the hips, are useful for the persons who use aprons for time-consuming procedures. If need only intermittently use, or in the context of veterinary applications, there are also such aprons on offer.