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Hot cells

Hot cells

Word HOT, in this case is related to radioactivity. Hot cells are used in the field of nuclear energy, as well as in the field of nuclear medicine industry. They have the role of protecting the individual, professional persons from radioactive isotopes, providing security protection box, in which you can sort manipulation of the required equipment and controls.

The thickness and type of material used for making these protection boxes, can be different and are generally dictated by the type of the isotope used and their activities. So that professional persons can have a glimpse of what is inside hot cell, they have installed leaded glass. Of course, there are different requirements in terms of density of leaded glass, or its equivalent protection.

The obligation of professional persons in dealing with these kinds of isotopes within Hot Cells is the use of personal protective equipment, with emphasis on the lead gloves, as well as the handling of funds and clamps.

The equipment of world famous manufacturer, you can find in more details below, but more about the manufacturer you can find within the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, as well as on the website