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Karadjordjeva 33, Kragujevac
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Liquid Radioactive Waste Management

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Radiation monitors and detectors

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KVARK company was founded back in 1992 in Kragujevac, with higly-specific activities in the field of trading equipment (field of medicine, industry, science and other branches), as well as adequate service of the equipment; provision of services in the field of ionizing radiation and radiation protection (projecting and designing radiation safety and security measures, dosimetric measurements of ambient dose equivalent radiation, trading:import/export/transit of radioactive material, transport of radioactive material), support and services in providing of permits for work with ionizing radiation in Serbia and similarly.
KVARK Ltd within it’s system, possesses medical-biochemical Laboratory Kvarklab, as well as the Laboratory for testing KVARK, specializing in radiological tests.

Kvark laboratory for testing, since 2013 has become competent to provide services related to the requirements of ISO 17025, which has gained the title of accredited laboratories for testing. In addition to this management system, KVARK successfully implemented the quality management system according to ISO 9001.