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Newton CCD Series (920, 940)

Spectroscopic detectors

Each spectroscopic system is a combination of leading detector on the market and spectral instruments. Years of experience with the latest discoveries in the field of sensors, electronics, optics, vacuum technology and software package, enabled one of the top leaders in the production of spectroscopic camera to create a scientific spectroscopic detection system.

With its own quality, calibrated instrumentation and the ability to integrate into any unified purpose and the existing laboratory set up, Andor enables researchers worldwide to quickly focus on its own challenges.

As an aid to help researchers, Kvark can offer highly sensitive detectors and spectrographs shown below. More of the manufacturer, you can find at the website, or in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS.
iDus Series (iDus 416 CCD, iDus 401, iDus 420, iDus InGaAs)
iXon Series (iXon Ultra 987, iXon Ultra 888, iXon3 860)
iStar Series (iStar CCD 312, iStar CCD 320, iStar CCD 334, iStar CCD 340)