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Newton Series (970, 971)

EMCCD technology

EMCDD (Electron multiplying CCD) is based on the CCD chip which incorporates multiplication of electrons, or EMCDD technology.
EMCDD is a quantitative technology of digital cameras that has the ability to detect a single photon events, while keeping the high quantitative productivity that can be achieved in a way that is unique electron multiplying with structure built in the sensor and thus multiplys.

Unlike CCD technology, the EMCDD is not limited to reading noise output amplifier, even when running at a high speed reading.

As a representative of the world's manufacturer of scientific cameras for image processing, Kvark Ltd. offers solutions presented below. More about the camera manufacturer that can be used to record in the field of astronomy, spectroscopy, x-ray, confocal microscopic studies and the like, can be found on, or in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS.
iXon Series (iXon Ultra 987, iXon Ultra 888, iXon3 860)