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Alpha 8 Spectrometer

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In physics, the spectrometer is an instrument for measuring the spectrum. Generally, the spectrum is the graph showing the identity as a function of wavelength, frequency, energy, momentum and mass. It is imperative that when measurements are carried in 4π geometry, for the credibility of the results..

Accordingly to it’s purposes, can be stationary and portable, and as such can be applied in various applications. The most common applications are radio-ecological environmental monitoring, radioactivity monitoring during the process of decontamination, monitoring within the nuclear industry, nuclear medicine, dosimetry research of soil and facilities, radioactive mapping, monitoring of building materials and products with natural content of radionuclides and many others.

These instruments can be directly used for purposes of monitoring radiation in water, agricultural products, seafood, raw materials and other materials, without the prior sampling and sample preparation.

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