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Temperature Sensor Blue Phantom²

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Temperature Sensor Blue Phantom²

Dosimetry equipment

KVARK Ltd. is a long-standing regional representative of dosimetry equipment, of one of the world's leading manufacturer IBA Dosimetry GmbH, Germany. In addition to supplying equipment, KVARK is authorized for installation, maintenance, upgrade and maintenance of the equipment, by professional and certified technician.

The quality of these products has been proven in the world and in our region. This equipment manufacturer, equipped all major centers in Serbia: Institute of Oncology and the Institute for Pulmonary Diseases in Sremska Kamenica; Clinical center Kragujevac; Clinical Center Nis; Clinical Center of Serbia; Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia; hospitals and institutes in the region: Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and other health institutions.

More about IBA Dosimetry GmbH can be found in the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS , as well as on the website of the .