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Protective gloves and other accessories

The protective lead gloves are developed in order to offer a professional person the best protection with conservation of the highest possible skills, sensitivity and comfort when wearing them. This products are used in radiology, orthopedic surgery, endoscopy, urology, and all other procedures, exposure to high radiation in daily medical practice, wherever are of great importance sensitivity and protection. Flexibility, flexibility and absolute homogeneous radiation protection are special factors of quality that are guaranteed within the production process and the use of basic quality materials.

The most common equivalent protection is 0.50mm, but certainly, gloves with a greater equivalent of lead are less elastic, so it is necessary to make a choice when purchasing depending on the specific task or purpose. Additionally, beside the protective gloves, we also offer various accessories in the form of protection for certain body parts (hands, feet), the protection for pregnant women, protection of the chest and the like.

From our offer, KVARK distinguishes these models, which you can also find on the website of the manufacturer . About the manufacturer of this type of equipment, you can be more informed in the option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS.