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držač izotopa Se-75 i Ir-192, za uređaj DUAL

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držač izotopa Se-75 i Ir-192, za uređaj DUAL

Gamma radiography

Gamma radiography is the method of using of radioactive isotopes to detect internal defects and inhomogeneities in material. Small changes in thickness and density of the material have a significant effect on the strength of penetrating radiation, according to the inhomogeneity of the radiographic image displayed as brighter or darker areas on the film.

For the purpose of industrial defectoscopy, radioactive radiation is used since 1928. Initially, there is only used natural isotope Radium, while today most commonly used are Selenium (Se-75), Iridium (Ir-192) and Cobalt (Co-60). Artificial radioactive isotopes can be produced in a variety of standard sizes and activities, in accordance with the test objects and devices which implement test (defectoscope). During the selection of gamma sources it should take into account the type and thickness of the test sample, the half-life radio isotopes, available activities and dimensions of radioactive sources.

Devices of company Oserix, Belgium, you can find below, and more about the manufacturer in option REPRESENTATIONS AND PROJECTS, or on the website . Kvark is able to deliver radioactive isotopes, with or independent of the device, in the appropriate capsule protective holder and transport containers, all in accordance with legislation that defines this area.